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I'm Sachin founder and owner, Vencha apps

I started Vencha apps with a simple mission to help local businesses harness the power of digital technology to help them grow their sales, save time and costs, and build customer loyalty.


With my previous experience of working in the food industry I chose to work with local restaurants takeaways as i understand the challenges faced by theses business. Therefore I'm keen to build relationships with owners of local takeaways and restaurants and help them improve their performance by implementing the right digital technology and marketing solutions.


Over the years I've cultivated a taste for technology and digital skills and i firmly believe that when used wisely, technology can help to improve the quality of our businesses and lives.


I'm on journey to turn Vencha apps into a specialist company providing unique solutions for local businesses. For restaurants and takeaways this means providing expert knowledge, information, education, as well as functional products and services that will help increase sales, save time and costs, and retain customer loyalty.


A journey starts with exploration. When you explore, you find new ways of doing things. As you discover, you evolve and in turn you learn to excel at what is you do. So are you ready to join me on this journey?


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Online Ordering for your Restaurant or Takeaway

Let us show how you can benefit from having your own branded solution for online ordering and mobile marketing. It all starts with great conversation

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